Student Reflections

Do You Remember...

  • During the time I spent doing my nature journal I felt at first like it was only a distraction from my homework, but after spending close to 20 minutes outside, I felt relaxed. When I returned to do my homework, I felt more focused.
  • I personally enjoyed doing the nature journal, and I like the freedom of writing or drawing it however we please. I already love nature and “chilling out” outside, so getting a grade for it is just a plus. I’m not sure I necessarily discover myself through it, but I do find it relaxing.
  • I am discovering myself!
  • My mother went out and did a nature journal with me. She loved it!
  • My nature journal experience was actually quite peaceful. I sat on the roof of my car and observed the sky. That night was the night of the Super Moon, the brightest the moon has ever been.
  • I think nature journals are distracting. I understand that it is supposed to help de-stress, but there’s so many things to do. College apps, other [hw],[ee], and a million other things, that it stresses me out more having to do it because it takes time away from the things I actually need to do.
  • During the time I worked on my nature journal I felt very relieved because I was finally doing something not related to school (sort of). The nature journal actually allowed me to discover something that I enjoy doing, which is drawing. While drawing, I developed patience.
  • I personally have a hard time sitting still and focusing on daily activities in general. Sitting down for more than ten minutes is almost painful in a way. I actually start to panic. Thinking about doing anything other than schedules gives me really bad anxiety, so I’m a little nervous about completing the nature journal. But, I’m willing to try it out.
  • I wrote my nature journal when I was on a trail ride with my horse. I know I probably wasn’t supposed to do it that way…I talked into my phone and copied it later. It actually wasn’t that bad. I was only on a trail ride by myself. My scenery kept changing, so my mind was wandering. I kept seeing new things and my focus was shifting.
  • I was focused on writing haikus, and I wrote five. I felt accomplished when I did it, and writing in different languages was incredibly difficult.
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